10. Juli 2011

Reforming Islam

Ein sehr interessanter Artikel von Walid Shoebat:

The Problem With Reforming Islam

"The Real War
It’s a myth to think that there is a struggle between “moderate” and “extremist” Muslims going on in the Middle East; the war is between nationalists that love their national heritage and Muslim Universalists who attach themselves to Sharia. The use “moderate” implies that Islam can be moderated or is moderate. It’s not.

The problem is that we have not defined Islam’s views—that is—a war on capitalism, nationalism Jews/Israel/Zionism and Trinitarians. This is the core of Islam’s war throughout history. All four schools of Sunni Islamic thought: Hanafi, Hanbali, Shafii and Maliki espouse Islam as a political Universalist Jihadi movement. Ijtihad, the idea of freethinking is restricted and confined within the laws of Shariah.
The problem is the literal interpretation of the Quran. The solution according to Jasser is to introduce a un-literal interpretation. The fact is; we only have few choices. If Capitalism is considered an “extreme” solution to Communism then socialism is the answer. But is it? Can we promote an oxymoron—“communistic capitalism”?

When it comes to Islam what we need is “Oxyclean” and not an oxymoron. Reformation of Islam is impossible since no one with common sense could espouse to reform Communism or Nazism.  Can we change Islamic inheritance laws without defeating Islam first? Will we succeed in allowing a glass of wine and pork chop to be eaten in Mecca without first defeating Islam? Will Zuhdi allow a Christian boy to marry a Muslim girl or allow a non-Muslim marry his daughter?(...)" weiter lesen

(Danke für den Tip an W. Z.)

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