26. Dezember 2014


Nova "Insensatez"

Mariza & Iván "Melón" Lewis "Insensatez"

"Insensatez" ("Foolishness" or "Folly"), 1961
Musik: Tom Jobim, Worte: Vinicius de Moraes

Ah, foolishness
What have you done
Such a reckless heart
You made cry from pain
Your love
Such a delicate love
Ah, why were you
So weak that way
In such a soulless way
Ah, my heart
That never loved
Doesn’t deserve to be loved
Go on, my heart
Listen to reason
Use only sincerity
He who sows wind
So says reason
Always reaps storms
Go on, my heart
Plead forgiveness
Forgiveness, in love
Go on
Because he who doesn’t plead forgiveness
Is never forgiven


Es gibt eine englische Version des Liedes, mit einem ganz anderen Text... "How insensitive". Vor einigen Jahren hat es mir ziemlich angetan... Hier.

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