2. Juni 2007

Dry Bones gewinnt JIB Award

Schöne Nachrichten aus Israel über ein sehr interessantes Blog.

"The Dry Bones Blog has just been voted the Best Overall Jewish Blog of 2007 in this year's Jewish/Israeli Blogosphere (JIB) Award Competition. The popular site also took the gold for Best Jewish Humor Blog, Best Political/Current Events Blog, Best Jewish Culture Blog, and Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog.(...)
Dry Bones has been Israel's political comic strip since 1973, and in August of 2005 the strip set up shop on the i nternet with the debut of the Dry Bones Blog. The Dry Bones Blog, updated every Monday through Friday, presents the cartoons and tells the story behind each one. "On Tuesdays and Thursdays we run "Golden Oldies," says Kirschen, the 69 -year-old American-Israeli behind the popular blog. "They're like time machines to the truth in an age when our enemies are trying to rewrite history… that's why they're such a favorite with readers." Quelle

Zu finden ist das Blog unter: http://www.drybonesblog.blogspot.com/

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